The Beers

Our Traditional Scottish series:
Kentwood No. 1: A strong scotch ale which is fruity & boozy with flavours of raisins and toffee
Kentwood No. 2 Wee Heavy: Dark Chocolate ale with hints of coffee and liquorice.
Kentwood No. 3 90 Shilling: A rich, fruity, malty ale with notes of caramel
Kentwood No. 4 80 Shilling: A dark malty ale with a tinge of chocolate

Contemporary & Seasonal:
El Tropicano IPA: 4.4% ABV
Cocoa Loco Double Chocolate Stout: 5.1% ABV
Signature Dark IPA: 3.5% ABV
Golden Eagle American Golden Ale. 5% ABV
Chocolate Oatmeal Porter. 4.7% ABV